“It is contemporary in design and provides for very easy and intuitive navigation systems. It has several excellent features such as knowledge repository and advisory from a variety of global experts, an online learning management system, and most significantly, the Print Doctor. I am certain that the print industry will find this unique initiative extremely valuable for creating an interactive cyber community,” he adds, as he keenly appreciates the tangible as well as intangible features of WorldPrintHub.com.
Mr. Pranav Parikh
The Founder Chairperson, TechNova Imaging Solutions
I’m happy that MMS has built an excellent platform for the print fraternity. We live in era of rapid digitalisation. I’m delighted to part of this transformation of our industry. It is perfect direction for all the leaders, innovators, manufacturers, and business persons from the printing family to same platform and share the knowledge, experience and wisdom. It is a fantastic initiative from MMS; especially for newcomers, it offers seamless access to community, knowledge and accelerated learning. It is excellent platform as marketplace. The world will come together to bring efficiencies, cost optimisation and economies of scale.”
Gautam Pai, MD,
Manipal Technologies Limited
The Year 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, and particularly the printing. One of the key lessons from the pandemic is the need for collaborations, forming partnerships, the need to reach out to experts, and the necessity for fellow entrepreneurs to come together to address common issues. The World Print Hub is a wonderful platform to achieve it all – bringing us all together, addressing common problems by sharing ideas on this platform.
Bimal Mehta
MD, Vakils Premedia
I am delighted to know that MMS has taken the initiative to start the World Print Hub. It is a great platform to encourage and enable communications within the printing fraternity and to take it forward to the next level of business, technology, and new markets.
Ramesh Kejriwal
Chairperson and MD, Parksons Packaging
I am here to congratulate and thank the members of MMS’ Managing Committee for launching WPH on the occasion of the Republic Day of India. I think Print Doctor service on WPH is a great service. Members from across the world can easily access information and solutions for their print-related challenges through this service. COVID-19 pandemic has given us all an opportunity to start anew, and MMS has made the best of it by launching WorldPrintHub.com.”
Uday Patel
Founder and Owner of Line O Matic
Instead of assigning mundane tasks to the talented in your organisation, challenge them with complex problems, and facilitate their talent. As business leaders, we should not focus on accomplishing a job but engaging and retaining the talented. That’s who will be beneficial for the organisation’s growth.
Deepak Jain
CEO Aethilus Private Limited

You have nailed it for an excellent Digital Welcome ceremony. I and my team are quite excited about what WorldPrintHub will do for the industry....
Iqbal Kherodwala
President, BMPA

Tushar, that was a fantastic launch! My sincere compliments to you and your colleagues for putting it all together so creatively and gracefully! Best!!!
Mr. Parnav Parekh

Dear Mehul, Congrats on the launching of WorldPrintHub. I had the pleasure to the see the virtual launch this morning – very nicely done. Great job, team MMS. Please count on my support. Happy to help in any which way.
Thanks Tushar....
Its a great initiative. I was briefed by Vijay from Repro and then again by Aniruddha Khandekar (Ani) recently on this. Till the industry doesn’t grow, show maturity, bond together and work on merits we will keep competing between us and drag down eachother on pricing. The insecurity needs to go. I think this platform needs to give some star rating to printers who in a way qualify on some parameters which can be infrastructure, products they make, quality levels, certifications, number of years in business, customer base spread (domestic/international), industries they cater to, some unique features or products they can make or have done etc. etc. If clients can be encouraged to view these, the wheel will move forward slowly. Also to encourage all to log in here regularly, a good reason or incentive needs to be shown / given.
Rajnish Shirsat

Hello Medha ji.
Greetings for our Republic Dhingra Day. Heartiest congratulations to you and the team MMS on the grand launching of World Print Hub Portal. I’m sure that this portal will help the print fraternity to learn, to understand, to share experience and problems and their solutions with the group. This will also help in developing network of the fraternity. I wish a grand success of the web portal.
Umesh Nema
Pragati Graphics Pvt. Ltd. Indore

Many Congratulations to you, Jeevan & the entire team!
Deepak Chawla
TechNova Imaging Systems

Great presentation. Good beginning. Congratulations and best wishes! ……
Anil Arora
Print Packaging.com

Very well presented function .. Wonderful initiative. All the best… And congratulations to the MMS team..
SUBA Solutions

Jigar, Saw the official launch. It’s a good initiative which was also on our minds since a long time, something similar to be done for the industry .. Good that someone is thinking and doing ..” Great great
Vinay Nichani
TechNova Imaging Systems

Dear Tushar, Please accept our heartiest congratulations on the launch. Great initiative. Will transform the industry in a big way in future terms of communication, ease of information flow and the way we do business
Gurjit Singh

Seen the complete launch video! Its an excellent idea to have market place, social media platform, education, library, videos and everything for the people, by the people in print industry.
Manoj Kotak

Just finished watching the wonderful launch of globalprinthub. Congrats team MMS for the amazing venture for print community.
Sunil Jain DPA

Just saw the inaugural ceremony – very nice and noble Rahul. Well done to MMS and members
Sam Varughese
Walcar Graphics, Australia

Tushar, many, many congratulations for the inauguration of the World Print Hub. Really superb. Unparalleled and a never before effect. Salute
Kamal Chopra
President, AIFMP

Superb inauguration ceremony! Exciting times ahead for all print and packaging disciples!
Ani Khandekar

Kya baat hai Prakash Bhai – World Print Hub. Realyy superb idea and inauguration ceremony is brilliantly conducted a never before effort. Simply GREAT
Kamal Chopra
President, AIFMP

On the occasion of Launching of World Print Hub, Many congratulations to you Sirji, Tusharji, Mehulji& entire MMS team! Good initiative!! Very useful to all of us
Vinay Kalaskar, PPOA

Congratulations sir ji, !!! went through launching ceremony presentation, portal will be going to be game changer for tomorrow and it will be great help to all printers. Please accept my heartfelt wishes for launching such portal

I absolutely agree with Iqbal. Excellent Initiative Team MMS. I am confident that you all will successfully create the Kingdom.
Sanjay Patel

Congratulations Team MMS, Super initiative. I have already signed up. Best wishes to all of you
Mehul Desai

Congratulations Team MMS on the WorldPrintHub initiative
Team MMS, take a bow.
Iqbal Kherodwala
President BMPA

Congratulations for much needed and useful platform for printing fraternity

Congratulations Team MMS, great initiative
Ankul Amit Nanavaty
World Print Hub

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