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Let’s do right by it. BIGGER Sustainability and HP Indigo printing


Sustainability is one of the drivers of the HP Indigo business, with day-to-day operations tightly focused on a circular and low-carbon economy that spans our entire value chain and beyond. We’re innovating from sourcing practices and operational excellence to the design, delivery, and recovery of our leading products and solutions. Our work is dedicated to creating value for you, our customers, by lowering waste, increasing productivity, and reducing the carbon footprint of printing.

Reducing the impact of printing on the environment is good for business

Building on our legacy approach to Design for the Environment (DfE), we’re always looking for innovative ways to keep our products and materials in use for as long as possible. To that end, our HP Indigo r series presses set a new standard, from reducing resource consumption to a better approach to a circular economy.

Short runs on-demand High-value applications Customization Versioning Test marketing

Reduce shipping costs Lower carbon footprint and non-renewable energy consumption

Digital printing with just-in-time production and short runs can significantly reduce scrap.

High-value prints, less waste

Go local Reduce scrap, print only what you need

Print only what you need, where and when you need it. From long runs and large inventories that may go unsold, to short-run, on-demand printing, it’s the nature of digital to make printing more sustainable. Our digital printing solutions are built to meet worldwide and local regulatory requirements, which means that by using your HP Indigo digital press, you do too.

Go digital—and more sustainable—with HP Indigo printing

Provide reassurance Produce high-value print applications and offer more to your customers with customization, versioning, and test marketing.

Eliminate the need to transport inventories from a centralized production location.

HP Indigo presses conform to a wide span of mandatory regulations at every level. Our credentials are yours.

Add more value Save resources

There are those who do only what they must, and those who go above and beyond to do everything they can. We reach beyond compliance with regulatory requirements to meet voluntary standards, raising the bar along with the standards organizations that are helping us all make better choices.

Go above and beyond

Nearly two decades ago, we were one of the first companies to voluntarily obtain global, multisite certification according to ISO 14001.

Leading the charge

Important environmental credentials of our presses are verified by Intertek as reducing health and environmental impact during manufacture and use.

Set yourself apart

Greenleaf Eco label

Compatible with over 1500 media carrying environmental credentials, you have options from sourcing to recycling.

Media matters

Our annual Carbon Accounting Manual provides voluntary carbon reporting about our greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).1

Voluntary reporting

When you buy an HP Indigo press, you’re buying into the enormous investment we make toward sustainability, year after year. As a company, we strive to make life better for everyone, everywhere. And when it comes to the impact of printing on the environment, we just keep reinventing.

Join our efforts to do better

We’re moving from a “take, make, and dispose” model to the more sustainable “make, use, and return” model of a circular economy.

Moving in the right direction

HP is recognized as one of the world’s most sustainable companies.2 We invite you to join us on the journey towards improved environmental sustainability.

Join us at the top

HP Indigo ElectroInks are not classified as harmful, and don’t contain chemicals of high concern.3

Help keep it safe

Improve your print production efficiency with a range of solutions designed to improve supply chain optimization, from HP PrintOS to efficient print modes. Remote training and service cuts the carbon footprint of travel.

“While some companies may not value the long-term benefits of sustainability, we know better, so we want to be better. We want to BGreen. That’s why our business is built around sustainable HP Indigo printing equipment and technology.”

Brian Benson CEO of Benson Integrated Marketing Solutions

Carbon neutral manufacturing All HP Indigo press manufacturing is carbon offset free of charge, beyond carbon emissions reduced at source. Equivalent to reduction of 25,500 cars/year.4

Do away with so much waste Every HP Indigo press we produce, and every HP Indigo print you produce, is designed to help reduce the impact of printing on the environment. You can see it in the numbers, from the reduction in energy used per printed page to the tons of metal and plastic waste reused every year.

HP Indigo sustainability by the numbers

of the weight of an HP Indigo r series press is reused.

Over 80%

Over 96% of solid waste is diverted from landfill and incineration at the zero waste Kiryat Gat facility.5

1.2M kWh of energy is generated per year from solar panels at our Kiryat Gat, Israel site.

of spare parts we take back are reused or refurbished.6

Over 70%

25% less energy used per printed page with HP Indigo presses using EPM mode.7

of metals and plastics are reused.6

390 tons

The HP Indigo ink plant building in Israel is LEED Silver Certified.8

Change the future one package at a time Packaging is one of the most visible, and most promising arenas for making a real difference. Worried about how waste impacts health and the environment, consumers and brands alike are demanding change. HP Indigo digital printing solutions are committed to making it happen.

Innovation through collaboration

Whether it’s exploring the use of mono-material substrates, looking for easier de-inking of plastic raw material, or tapping into the power of digital via automation and smart processes, we’re working with others to maximize productivity with minimal waste.

At economical job sizes, HP Indigo packaging production means less energy used, less media wasted, and almost no make ready9 compared to analog.

The HP Indigo advantagePathways to improvement

Sustainable practices in the production and life cycle of packaging can make a real difference toward reducing scrap and waste.

Philippe St-Cyr Rootree General Manager

“We’ve made a commitment in the industry to make environmental consciousness in packaging the highlight of our priorities by addressing the full packaging life cycle. With the HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press, we’re manufacturing fully compostable packaging made with 100% compostable films with up to 75% less waste than conventional packaging manufacturing.”

A third-party life cycle assessment comparison to flexo and gravure showed the HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press has low environmental impact on flexible packaging at economical jobs across all 13 environmental impact categories considered in the study.9

HP Indigo ElecroInk has passed leading standards tests, and a wide set can also be used for printing compostable packaging.10

Accountability Building trust through transparency and a solid commitment to reaching our sustainability goals.

Leadership Leading the environmental charge from the very beginning—with a focus on standards, certifications, and printing innovations.


2 Barron’s 100 Most Sustainable Companies-2018.

1 See Carbon Accounting Manual for the calculation of HP’s fiscal year 2017 greenhouse gas emissions.

3 For details, see Intertek- Green leaf certification #1818017 . 4

Certified by Synergis Zero Waste Group, June 2016. The industry average is less than 60%.5

From 2012 through 2018. Carbon offsetting is done in collaboration with Good Energy Initiative. For more information, please visit:

6 390 tons of metal and plastic waste in 2018. Availability of program varies by country. The program is fully compliant with all applicable laws. 7 EPM mode saves energy while increasing productivity, moving from four colors to three achieves a 25% reduction in electricity consumption per printed page. 8 Per the US Green Building Council.® 9 Technical white paper: Low environmental impact printing with HP Indigo Digital Presses, 2016.

10 For details on approved inks and allowed limits, please contact the HP Indigo team for more information.

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Discover HP Indigo’s sustainable impact

Sumeet VirdiWe’re all a part of something Let’s do right by it. BIGGER Sustainability and HP Indigo printing HP_Environment_Broucher_Web Sustainability is one of the drivers

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