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Gold Classified Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Community Access
  • View Streaming and Photos, Videos, Audios, etc
  • Update Your Profile
  • View Advisory Listings
  • Publish Text content and Photos as a part of the posts
  • Update your Personal Profile
  • Add/Remove Friends within the Community
  • Join Public Groups
  • View Advisor Details and Responses
  • Create and Edit Public Groups
  • Publish Blogs (6 Blogs per annum)
  • Post Videos
  • Send Query to Advisor
  • Book an Online meeting with Advisor
  • Post and View Jobs
  • Attend Webinars and Trainings
  • Post 12 Classified Ads of 1 Month Duration Annually
  • Post 1 Product per month in Market place (Terms apply)
Limited Memberships Available!…..

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Annual Subscription for Gold Classified Membership is Rs.50,000 plus GST (Rs. 59,000)

Gold Classified Membership will be Chargeable from 1st April 2021 to 31st March, 2022

Payment Details:

Beneficiary NameBank NameAccount NumberBank Address & BranchAccount TypeIFSC CodeSwift Code (international payment)
Mumbai Mudrak SanghAxis Bank Ltd915010050704585Chowpatty, Mumbai – 400007, IndiaSavings AccountUTIB0001004AXISINBB173